Individual Mental Health Therapy

Meet our team of mental health and wellbeing specialists Our individual mental health therapy is available online or in-person.below.

Individual Mental Health Therapy
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For people who experience mental health concerns or want to improve their mental wellbeing.

Our team has a wide range of skills and expertise which means we can ensure you’re matched with a clinician who’s most appropriate to your needs.

Our team helps those with mild, moderate, or severe mental health conditions as well as providing support adjusting to normal life challenges or transition periods. We work with children, adolescents, and adults.

For more information call us on (06) 835 6631 or email [email protected]

For people who have experienced a significant injury

ACC Concussion

Psychologists who work with concussion understand how to use psychological strategies to manage the effects of a concussion, and how to work with its emotional impact. They may also become involved if your accident was a traumatic experience from which you’re struggling to overcome. The psychologist is part of a multi-disciplinary team supporting your recovery goals. 

ACC Training for Independence (TI) referral

Sustaining a significant physical injury often impacts your emotional wellbeing, so a psychologist is a useful part of a team that supports you to meet your recovery goals. The psychologist’s role is to help you resolve the emotional consequences of an injury that could be affecting your recovery. For example, if you’ve become low in mood, angry or anxious, the psychologist can teach you ways to resolve those issues. 

ACC Behaviour Support

If you’ve been referred by an ACC service coordinator, we can support you to improve your quality of life and achieve the goals that are most important to you. We can work with you and the people who live with you and support you to enable you to learn new skills in order to lead a meaningful life without unnecessary restrictions.

ACC Psychological Services

If referred by ACC we can support you to manage any psychological issues that may be interfering with your recovery from a physical injury.  We will work with you and ACC to help you achieve the best possible recovery after an injury.

For more information call us on (06) 835 6631 or email [email protected]

For people who have experienced sexual abuse

The ACC Sensitive Claims Service is designed to support people affected by the impacts of sexual abuse.
Anyone who has experienced a sexual assault while living in New Zealand can ask for therapy with one of our registered sensitive claims therapists, at no cost to yourself.

You don’t need to have reported the abuse to the Police, nor do you have to give graphic details of the events.
You can come and talk over your situation with one of our therapists.

Our therapists will support you to understand which funded treatments are available to you under the Sensitive Claims Service and will work best for you. Short and long-term treatment pathways are available, and these details can be explained to you by the therapist.

We recognise the absolute need for confidentiality and privacy in these matters so we work with ACC to ensure complete confidentiality of your information and therapy progression.

 The ACC website provides further information: Injuries we cover (

For more information call us on (06) 835 6631 or email [email protected]

For emergency service workers or frontline health workers

We have a long history of supporting frontline workers affected by stress, burnout, or personal issues. We have specific tools to assist you when you’re exposed to events outside the normal range of experience. Our expertise in the resolution of both recent traumatic events and historic situations means you’ll be supported to be your best at work and at home.

For more information call us on (06) 835 6631 or email [email protected]