PIVOT to better wellbeing for your team

Easy and confidential access to early-intervention support for employees experiencing challenges with drug or alcohol use

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Protecting your organisation

Employees being intoxicated or still suffering the effects of use can be a serious health and safety risk and even a legal liability for your organisation.

Employees struggling with use can also:

  • Increase the risk of accidents and near-misses
  • Lose productivity from absenteeism
  • Reduce productivity from presenteeism
  • Create a negative work environment
  • Potentially be an ethical or legal issue
  • Increase employee turnover and related costs

Why early-intervention support?

PIVOT by Explore is an education and counselling service that provides early-intervention drug or alcohol support. Our service is for people struggling with lifestyle choices that are affecting:

  • Relationships with teammates
  • Work performance
  • Health and safety

What’s important is quickly addressing any issues with employees before their use becomes a more severe issue for themselves and your organisation.

With PIVOT, your employees can access early-intervention support faster and easier without a referral from a doctor or long waitlists.

Our approach

Our experienced team of clinicians and wellbeing coaches will collaborate with your employees to develop a personalised 8 week plan focused on their specific goals, using evidence-based techniques.

8 week service, includes:

  • Initial meeting to unpack the best way to assist your employee
  • Personalised plan and goal setting
  • Private counselling sessions and access to a wellbeing coach
  • Actionable information to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Group coaching sessions and creating a support network 
  • Mobile phone application for them to track process

Accessing support

Seeking support can be a difficult decision to make. We’re here to provide a safe, confidential, and judgement-free space for your employees.

We can do sessions online or in person

Your employees can choose to meet us in person at our Manners St office in central Wellington or online, at a time that suits them. They’ll also be able to talk to their personal wellbeing coach during our programme.

Cost of service

Reach out to our team and we can work with you to create a tailored support package that’s suited to your organisation and employees.

How to discuss drug or alcohol use with an employee

It can be challenging to discuss any concerns you have about an employee’s drug or alcohol use. To help make this discussion easier for you, we’ve put together a helpful guide below.

Start here

Are you concerned about how an employee’s drug or alcohol use is impacting their work or the workplace?


Schedule a meeting to discuss the issue with them. If they are currently under the influence, they’ll need to be sent home and return once they’re sober.

Not sure

Keep an eye on their behaviour, performance, and adherence to health and safety policies at work to see if a discussion is needed.


The health and safety of your team is top priority. The employee will need to be removed if they are unable or unsafe to work.

Scheduling a meeting may be unexpected if the person is not aware of the impact their use is having on their work and your organisation.

Identify issue: “I have some concerns about your drug / alcohol use and how it is affecting your work as well as the workplace. I noticed [specific incident].


  • “Can you help me understand this situation?”
  • “How do you think this use is affecting your work?”
  • “How can I support you to work through this issue?”

Solution: “Would you be willing to talk to someone about this?

There is an 8-week early intervention program called PIVOT that we can refer you to. It’s completely confidential, done in your own time, and paid for by us.”


This meeting is to identify the issue and find solutions together. Listen to them and be understanding.

The employee is likely dealing with underlying challenges in their life that are leading to their drug or alcohol use.

This could be the first time they have discussed some problems and may not be ready to open up yet.

Are they willing to get support?


Deciding to get support is a big step. The employee might not be ready to admit the issue or accept support. Taking a few days off work could give them time to reflect and make a decision.


If they are willing to try PIVOT by Explore, refer them to us and we’ll take care of them from there.


If they’re not willing to try support, you might need to look at disciplinary options and processes.