PIVOT to better wellbeing.

Early-intervention drug or alcohol support without
any strict referral criteria or long waitlists

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Embrace change, embrace wellbeing

PIVOT by Explore is a counselling service that provides early-intervention drug or alcohol support. Our service is for people struggling with lifestyle choices that are affecting:

  • Specific health conditions
  • Effectiveness of prescribed medications
  • Overall wellbeing

Why early-intervention support?

PIVOT aims to empower individuals to make proactive adjustments to their day to day decisions, so they can have more control over their lives.

Too many Kiwis struggle to access the support they need before their substance use becomes more harmful.

Some are stuck on long waitlists. Others don’t qualify for publicly funded support because their use isn’t yet severe enough.

With our PIVOT service, an individual can access support faster and easier without any strict referral criteria or long waitlists.

Our approach

Our experienced team of clinicians and wellbeing coaches will collaborate with each individual to develop a personalised 8 week plan focused on their specific goals, using evidence-based techniques.

Holistic approach

We believe wellbeing isn’t just physical. It’s also emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental.

That’s why we use the Te Whare Tapa Whā model of wellbeing, to find ways to help improve  overall health and wellbeing and enhance their mana.

8 week programme, includes:

  • Screening and assessment
  • Personalised plan and goal setting
  • Private counselling sessions and access to a wellbeing coach
  • Actionable information to improve their own health and wellbeing
  • Group coaching sessions and creating a support network (optional)
  • Online tools for patients to track progress

Accessing support

We understand seeking support can be a difficult decision. We’re here to provide a safe, confidential, and judgement-free space.

The referred person can choose to meet us in person at our Manners St office in central Wellington or online, at a time that suits them. They’ll also be able to talk to their personal wellbeing coach any time during our programme.

Cost of service

Our service is not currently publicly funded, but make a referral and we’ll assist a person you refer with an initial consultation and quote.

Promoting health equity

We also provide limited access on a pro-bono basis to people who may be underserved by our health system. Talk to our team about this option.